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Pediatric Dentistry

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At Lowell Tooth Docs, we offer pediatric dentistry services for kids of all ages. It is recommended that children see the dentist by age 1 or when their first teeth erupt. We are happy to see kids of all ages! Pediatric dentistry is important for keeping yourPediatric Dentistry - Lowell Tooth Docs - Lowell, MA child’s teeth and mouth healthy. We can help prevent cavities and other dental problems. We also offer sealants and fluoride treatments to help protect your child’s teeth.

It is better to have them come in when they’re young to acclimate them to the office so that it becomes routine for them, and they won’t be as scared of coming in when they’re older. If your child does need a filling or any other procedure, we will do our best to put them at ease while we address the concern. If you are seeking out dental care for your child, look no further than Lowell Tooth Docs.