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Dental Lasers

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Laser Bacterial Reduction - Dental Laser - Lowell Tooth DocsDental lasers are a great way to decontaminate around your teeth and inside the pockets of your gums. Our office uses dental lasers every day to provide the bestDental Laser - Diode Laser - Lowell Tooth Docs care for our patients. Dental lasers can also be used for soft tissue modifications such as frenectomies and gingivectomies, which is much less invasive than traditional methods. Another great use of these dental lasers is easing the pain of ulcerations and sores in and around your mouth. These areas can be very painful, but with the use of the laser, the pain is relieved immediately!

Laser dental technology is becoming more prevalent in dentistry, and at Lowell Tooth Docs, we’re proud to offer this service to our patients. If you have any questions about laser dental treatments, please don’t hesitate to ask us. Thanks for choosing Lowell Tooth Docs!